The Basics

Our Values


At Obii, we like to orient the Challenges and programs around these three pillars:

Actionable – A lot can happen in 21-days, but in order to achieve productive and measurable results, each day has to count. Each small and digestible lesson, task, or activity is oriented towards bigger and life-altering change. With your guidance and our technology, we can reshape the way people learn and acquire new skills.


Accessible –  Hosting your Challenge on our free and user-friendly app makes it easy for new and existing clients to access your program. It’s not only easy to use, but there are lots of resources available to you and your clients to easily navigate through the process.


Delightful – We strive to delight our Coaches and your participants with our gamified design. Like you, we want your clients to succeed which is why we designed Obii to motivate and celebrate their progress. You can bet that their dopamine, or “feel-good” hormones, will be ringing when they earn points for simply completing a task, offering feedback, and engaging in the chat.


The Basics

Why an App?

There’s a lot to consider when you run a business—expecting a reliable, sleek, and easy-to-use platform should be the least of your worries. 

Our gamified app is designed to reward your clients for progressing through your Challenge. You can bet that their dopamine, or “feel-good” hormones, will be ringing when they earn points for simply completing a task. Like you, we want your clients to succeed which is why Obii’s features are designed to motivate and celebrate their progress. 

And if confetti isn’t stimulating enough, then our integrated chat should do the trick. Your clients will feel a great sense of community as they engage with one another on their progress, stories, and maybe even a set-back or two.

As for you, the Coach, we’ve designed a personalized Dashboard (Coach Portal) to keep you up to date with insights, statistics, and other useful information on how your clients are doing. 

At Obii, we believe that nothing motivates like results, and this app ensures that results are clear and identifiable for you and your clients. 

The Basics

What Exactly are Challenges?

A Challenge is a step-by-step process that guides your clients to reach their ultimate goal. Our research shows that small and digestible coaching is the way to make big and life-altering change. Whether you’re in fitness, health, finance, or well-being, packaging some of your material in the form of a Challenge presents some exciting opportunities for you, the coach.

Depending on your field, there are a few ways to approach the Challenge module. If, for example, you are more nutrition, fitness, or health inclined, it can be extremely effective to adopt the “do as I say for three weeks and you’ll see results” way of doing things. 

If your coaching style is not compatible with that model, then consider the Challenge approach as a way to offer clients a 21-day sneak-peek into your business. Who knows, you may pique the interest of those interested in some 1-on-1 coaching sessions as a result. 

Or maybe you’re looking for a new revenue model to supplement your existing business. 

No matter how you plan to use or execute your Challenge, the Obii is affordable, customizable, and accessible to coaches and their clients. 

Here are the basics: 

Each day, your clients will be invited to connect to the Obii app and watch a video done by you, the coach. After the lesson, they will be given a task (or two) that works toward their goal.  By the end of your Challenge, not only will your clients be delighted by the end result, but they will have relished in the process. 

The Basics

The Basic Challenge Structure

We highly recommend the following structure for your 21-day Challenge. It keeps your clients engaged with various activities without sacrificing quality learning.

The first 5 days of the week are content based. Coaches create video content to drive a certain knowledge and then to solidify the learning, they will also assign an assignment. This can take the form of a journal entry, a chat entry, or some written content sent directly to you. 

The 6th day of the week is dedicated to storytelling. Some coaches use this opportunity to interview a guest or tell a personal story. 

The 7th and final day of the week is dedicated to a summary. Coaches usually film an overview of the week and package it into a convenient video at the end of the week. Then, again to keep things interesting, we advise coaches to direct their clients to either the chat or to engage with you, the coach, using our question/open-ended response feature. 

Obii has found great success in this formula, but we aim to cater a Challenge to your vision. If you want to explore other ways of presenting your content, we’re all ears!

The Basics

Why a 21-Day Challenge?

You may have heard somewhere that it takes roughly 21 days to form a new habit.

In our research, 21 is a magic number, or the “sweet spot” as we like to say, because it’s long enough to create outcomes, but short enough to remain exciting and novel.

Here are some other reasons why we highly recommend the 21-day Challenge module:

One, it’s accessible to your clients. We realize that people have a hundred things to do on any given day which is why self-development and self-improvement often takes a backseat to other priorities. Our research demonstrates that the most successful Challenges are accessible, relevant, and above all, time-manageable. We’ve observed that if a Challenge lasts more than 21-days, it risks a sharp drop of participation, interest and motivation simply because it’s too long. 

This is where 21 comes in—the sweet spot. 

When you, the coach, markets a well-organized and nicely packaged 21-day Challenge, it entices the client because it is anticipated to be accessible, convenient, and most of all, feasible. Not only will this translate to more interest, but also more capital. 

Two, it’s accessible to you, the coach. At Obii, we believe that micro-learning is not only beneficial to your clients, but it makes YOUR job a whole lot easier. As coaches, we understand that you have a lot on your plate. Our research has demonstrated that the number 1 reason why some coaches do not materialize their final project is burn out. By focusing on planning, organizing, and initiating a 21-day Challenge, you won’t find yourself biting more than you can chew. Not to mention, your clients will be delighted to have more of your time and attention! 


The Basics

What Do I Do if I Have Too Much Content for Just 21-Days?

At Obii, we’re a team of Challenge idealists. We’ve created challenges on just about any and every topic, so we understand that not all content can be funneled into 21-days. 

In fact, many coaches will express that they have enough material to last 8-12 weeks—and that’s great! You, the coach, after all is the expert here. But Obii is here to help you narrow down some central ideas so that your content can fit into the Challenge framework. 


Our team will help you identify the best Challenge for your target audience based on your ideas and our market research. Then, we’ll generate with you a strategy for your 21-day Challenge which includes narrowing down your plethora of objectives into a few fundamental goals. 

And if you still want to share MORE content after your first 21-day Challenge, then who says that you can’t launch a second following up challenge?

Obii seeks the most optimal solutions for you and your business, point blank.

The Basics

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