✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

How Do I See My Challenge as a Participant?

Obii is a mobile-first platform, so it only makes sense that you see the fruit of your hard work on your mobile device.

Once you’ve created a Challenge or Program under the tab MY PROGRAMS, you will now need to create a GROUP.

Under the MY GROUPS tab, hit the button


Next, select the Program you’d like to see on your mobile device.

When this side bar appears, we suggest providing a Group Name such as “Demo” or “Everything Unlocked” just so you can easily differentiate.

As for the Start Date, we recommend starting this Demo Group sometime in the past so you can preview all of your cards.

Then go ahead and Create Group.

Once that’s done, you will receive an email in your inbox notifying you that you’ve been invited to a Challenge. Follow the prompts to download the Obii app if you haven’t already.

Your credentials will be the same as those you used to log into 

✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

What’s the Program Editor?

The Program Editor is a new Content Management System, or CMS, that allows Obii users to edit, customize, and personalize their very own Program.

Want to know more?

Watch this video:

✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

How to Upload Photos onto Cards

You can now personalize the photos on your Challenge cards directly on

Here’s how:

1. Click on the card you’d like to change

2. Select an image either from your own personal photo library or check out these royalty free images at or

If the image doesn’t appear right away, do not fret! It just takes a moment to pop up in the preview.

3. And voilà!


✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

How to Upload Videos

Uploading your very own videos straight onto a card has never been easier. Just select which .mov or .mp4 you would like to appear on a card. Your videos will then be efficiently compressed and stored in our Obii database. This will load and stream videos faster for your participants to improve their in-app experience.

Did you know you can also embed YouTube videos directly in your card? 

Under Activity Content, select Video as your Media Type. Then choose YouTube from the drop-down menu, and paste the URL to your desired YouTube video.

⚠️ Don’t forget to check if the permissions of your desired video allows for embedding 

✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

How to Write a Good Activity Description

An activity description is a good place for you to hint or summarize the upcoming task. You can also add links to direct your participants to other resources like quizzes. Here’s an example of a great activity description:

Today, we’re going to chat about those dreaded cravings! How often should you give into them? Should you deprive yourself of your food fantasies? Watch this video for answers to these questions, and more.

✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

How to Write a Punchy Title

Let’s get customizing your Challenge! Here are a few tips on how to write a standout and punchy title.

When it comes to the Day Cards, this is the first card of the day your participants will see, we suggest mentioning the Day of the Challenge, following the broad theme for the day.

For example

Day 8: Navigate your Strengths & Weaknesses

Then you’ll need to name each activity within each Day Card. Here’s what that would look like:

Activity 1: How to Identify Your Strengths

Activity 2: Journal

Activity 3: Share with the Community

Each title should interest the participant while identifying the general idea of what’s in store for that day.

✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

How Many Points Should I Award for Each Actitviy?

Earning points will surely motivate your participants as they navigate your Challenge.

Here are some suggestions on how to many points to award for each activity depending on what task you will assign your participants:

10 points every time participants watch a video (extra points if the video is longer than 5 minutes!)

20 points every time participants are tasked to write in their journal

15 points every time participants are prompted to share something in the chat

25 points every time participants are tasked to offer you feedback on Feedback Friday’s

✨ NEW ✨ Program Editor

What is the Button Editor?

The Button Editor is a great way to customize the Challenge experience for your participants. To understand the different features of the blue button, it’s important to know what the button is for.

When your participants are done an activity, they will hit the blue button to either complete the activity or move on to the next one. The button text, which is also completely customizable, should reflect the intention of the button. Still confused?

Here are a few things the button editor can do, as well as some button text suggestions:

Regular button: when your participants tap the blue button, they receive points for completing the activity. This is the button’s most basic function. “Finished” or “Done” are examples of button texts that can go here.

Chat button: this will redirect your participants to the chat in the Obii app. “Let’s Chat” or “I’m Ready to Share” are examples of button texts that can go here.

Rating question: this will prompt your participants to give a rating out of 5 stars. “I’m Ready to Offer Feedback” or “Let’s Get Rating” are examples of button texts that can go here.

Question: this will prompt your participants to leave you, the coach, a question, comment, story, etc that only you will see. “Ask a Question” or “Share with Your Coach” are examples of button texts that can go here.

Open PDF: this will redirect your participants to a PDF. “Check it Out” or “Let’s Get Reading” are examples of button texts that can go here. Don’t forget to upload your PDF!

Email PDF: this will automatically send a PDF straight into the participant’s email inbox. “Send to my Inbox” or “Send it my Way” are examples of button texts that can go here. Don’t forget to upload your PDF!