Partner With Us


How can I partner with obii?

Click here to book a call with our demo with a member of our team.

Is it free to partner with obii?

Other than the $100 Activation Call, it is free to partner with obii.

What is the Activation Call? 

Once you’ve agreed to partner with us, a member of our team will book a Zoom call to set up your account. This includes your Stripe account, unique coupon code, personalized e-mail templates, and promotional material so that you can share this opportunity with your clients.

Who is responsible for the tech support? 

Our tech support team is here to not only support you but also your patients. Open Monday through Friday, your patients can visit to make an inquiry. They can also do so directly from the app.

How can I share the 28-day Challenge with my patients? 

As a part of the Activation Call, you will receive personalized e-mails and promotional material that you can share with your e-mail list. Better yet, tell your patients about the 28-day Challenge the next time they drop by for an appointment!

Your patients will have access to the following landing page to register and pay for the next Challeng:

How will I receive the funds from the 28-day Challenge?

Once we’ve successfully linked your Stripe account and ours, you will automatically receive funds to your chosen method (bank account, credit card, and more)

What if my patients have questions? Will there be someone in the Challenge available to answer? 

The answer is no. The 28-Day Challenge is meant to replace or supplement your patients’ existing PFMT programs. While there are some educational resources in the Challenge, patients are always encouraged to check in with their physiotherapist who are familiar with their case.