How do I Create a Coupon on Stripe?


Here are some important points to keep in mind before you create a coupon on Stripe:

  • We cannot offer 100% off coupons on Stripe. Stripe will not be able to collect their fee on 0$ payment and neither can Obii. That means the customer will see an error and the transaction will not go through.
  • If a Coupon is deleted, it will no longer be valid. It needs to be in Stripe to be applied.

Here are the steps to set up Coupons:

1 – Login into your Stripe account.

2 – Go to “Billing” and click “Coupons”

3 – Name the coupon. Think of what you would want to appear on a receipt or invoice.

4 – Set the ID. This is what your participants will enter when prompted. An example of a 20% off code could be, EARLYBIRD20

5 – Distinguish if you’d like to offer a percentage or dollar amount off. Then identify what that magical number is. For example, 20% off, or $10 off.

6 – Set the duration of the coupon. Would you like this coupon to be readily available until you start the Challenge? Or should this coupon only be valid for early birds who buy Challenge a week before the original launch date.

Now you can share this coupon code with your motivated participants!