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How to Cheer on Your Participants on in the Chat

So your participants have watched your 5-minute video, written in their journal, and are now ready to engage in the Chat. This is a great way for your participants to be a part of a community while remaining accountable to their goals.

Many of our Coaches ask us how often they should engage in the chat. In our research, we have found that the most effective and efficient way to engage in the Chat is to do so with occasionally and with tact.

Here’s why:

It can be pretty draining replying to every single participants’ comments and their queries. By creating some distance between you and your participants in the Chat right from the beginning, you keep this space almost exclusively for the community.

Instead of answering every question in the Chat, here’s what we recommend instead:

  • Set up a weekly activity card in which participants can privately send you their questions or feedback on how the Challenge is going then….
  • Host a Facebook Live Stream or Instagram Live once a week to answer some FAQs you’ve observed in the Chat. This is a great option because the video ends up saving automatically in your Feed.
  • Set an appointment for a weekly ZOOM in which you answer FAQs

The main takeaway here is that Coaches are 100% able to develop trustworthy and insightful relationships with their participants while lightly engaging in the Chat.