Ways of the App

What’s the Lobby?

 So… you’ve got people to show up to your store page and buy a program. They downloaded the app, created their account and now they are basically waiting for things to start.

In these moments, your participants will be able to access the Challenge’s lobby. Similarly when guests wait to in a lobby before entering their rooms at a hotel, your participants can explore the contents of the lobby to get curious and excited about the Challenge.

Remember, your participants could have downloaded a fitness program or a meal plan from the internet, but they chose to be here. To join you on this program.

That’s because something about you, your message, your attitude has hooked them in. But it’s likely that there still remains some level of stress about their ability to stick with the program and come out like a champ. So now’s the time to engage with your group.

But what the heck should you even talk about? Well basically, you should be thinking about 2 things: motivation and preparation.


Just like a race, you want people at the starting line to be STOKED! In the right mindset if you will. Here are a few things to consider:


Everyone loves a good backstory. Why did you create this program? How did you learn how do do this.


Now’s the time to build confidence. Why should they trust that this program will work if they stick to it? What makes this program “sticky” and exciting?


What are the program’s targeted outcomes? Are we here to manage stress? To boost the immune system, to lose weight? Make that a clear goal for everyone.


Should they expect things to be easy at first and get harder? Do people tend to hit a wall in week 2? Do you have any words to say about how to stay motivated? Will my muscles hurt? … 


When things get started, your participants will run into their own set of challenges: lack of time, energy, motivation etc.. Address what things that they can do now to set them up for success.


People tend to stick to the program a lot more when they feel attached or part of the group. So it’s always a good idea to get people to post to the group chat. Selfies, shout-outs etc.. anything to break the ice and get people to connect.


One of the Lobby cards will prompt your participants to download and print the journal. This is to set them up for success as soon as Day 1 of the Challenge rolls around, as well as amp up the anticipation.


Another Lobby card we add is a set of instructions to help new users navigate through the app which includes a handy link to our help desk and a video tutorial on how to use the app.