How to Name my Videos


Here is a guide on how to name your videos when you upload them to Basecamp:

C stands for CARD

stands for ACTIVITY

stands for REWARD (which is the same thing as an unlockable)

When you name a video, please name them appropriately.

c#a# (daily card) or

r#a# (reward card)

Here are some examples:

Lisa has a video for day 3 of her challenge. She wants it to be the second activity of day 3.

She would name the video this way: c3a3 (day 3 activity 3).

Lisa has a video for her first unlockable. She wants there to be three parts.

She would name the videos this way: r1a1, r1a2, r1a3.

Naming the videos appropriately will ensure that the process of loading them to the appropriate card easy and effortless for our team.