The Basics

Our Values


At Obii, we like to orient the Challenges and programs around these three pillars:

Actionable – A lot can happen in 21-days, but in order to achieve productive and measurable results, each day has to count. Each small and digestible lesson, task, or activity is oriented towards bigger and life-altering change. With your guidance and our technology, we can reshape the way people learn and acquire new skills.


Accessible –  Hosting your Challenge on our free and user-friendly app makes it easy for new and existing clients to access your program. It’s not only easy to use, but there are lots of resources available to you and your clients to easily navigate through the process.


Delightful – We strive to delight our Coaches and your participants with our gamified design. Like you, we want your clients to succeed which is why we designed Obii to motivate and celebrate their progress. You can bet that their dopamine, or “feel-good” hormones, will be ringing when they earn points for simply completing a task, offering feedback, and engaging in the chat.