The Basics

The Basic Challenge Structure

We highly recommend the following structure for your 21-day Challenge. It keeps your clients engaged with various activities without sacrificing quality learning.

The first 5 days of the week are content based. Coaches create video content to drive a certain knowledge and then to solidify the learning, they will also assign an assignment. This can take the form of a journal entry, a chat entry, or some written content sent directly to you. 

The 6th day of the week is dedicated to storytelling. Some coaches use this opportunity to interview a guest or tell a personal story. 

The 7th and final day of the week is dedicated to a summary. Coaches usually film an overview of the week and package it into a convenient video at the end of the week. Then, again to keep things interesting, we advise coaches to direct their clients to either the chat or to engage with you, the coach, using our question/open-ended response feature. 

Obii has found great success in this formula, but we aim to cater a Challenge to your vision. If you want to explore other ways of presenting your content, we’re all ears!