Ways of the App

What’s the Chat?

What makes the Obii app conducive to Challenges is the in-app chat feature. It’s a great way for you, the coach, to stay in contact with your clients, and for them to engage in conversation throughout the process. 

In our research, we have found that it’s important to mix-up the activities for each day. For example, one day you may ask your clients to fill in an entry in their journal, but the next day, you may ask them to engage in the chat. This could be anything from asking your clients to introduce themselves, to encourage them to use their favorite emoji to summarize their Challenge week. 

How should I use the chat?

As mentioned, the chat is a great avenue for you to keep tabs on your clients and their progress. Maybe you want to read a few of their responses to your prompted questions, or if you’ve asked them to submit a photo, you’d like to check their submissions in the chat. No matter how you use the chat, we’ve uncovered that a few messages a week strikes a good balance between keeping your clients autonomous and your inbox neat and tidy. 

Here are some suggestions on how to use the chat:

  • Ask clients to send an emoji to capture how they’re feeling after a Challenge day
  • Send in a photo of your assignment
  • Invite clients to share their intention for the Challenge
  • Ask each member of the community to share a quick video introduction on their first day of the Challenge