Ways of the App

What are Unlockables?

One of the exciting features on the app are unlockables. As your clients navigate the app and complete Challenges, they can gain a certain number of points after each task. This aligns with the exciting gamified features of the app that aims to celebrate the client and their progress. 

As the coach, the unlockables are an exciting way to further motivate your clients. The more points they win, the more exclusive unlockables they can discover. 

For example, if a client has reached 200 points, they can unlock the first unlockable which gives them special access to a PDF with supplementary information. 

Other ideas include rewarding clients with 1-on-1 coaching sessions, a personalized art piece, or any of your coursework or materials. 

This is another customizable aspect of the app, which means that if you so choose, you don’t even need to include unlockables. This is your turf, so it’s completely up to you!