The Basics

What Do I Do if I Have Too Much Content for Just 21-Days?

At Obii, we’re a team of Challenge idealists. We’ve created challenges on just about any and every topic, so we understand that not all content can be funneled into 21-days. 

In fact, many coaches will express that they have enough material to last 8-12 weeks—and that’s great! You, the coach, after all is the expert here. But Obii is here to help you narrow down some central ideas so that your content can fit into the Challenge framework. 


Our team will help you identify the best Challenge for your target audience based on your ideas and our market research. Then, we’ll generate with you a strategy for your 21-day Challenge which includes narrowing down your plethora of objectives into a few fundamental goals. 

And if you still want to share MORE content after your first 21-day Challenge, then who says that you can’t launch a second following up challenge?

Obii seeks the most optimal solutions for you and your business, point blank.