What Do I Do With my Hands? And Other Filming Tips.

  • Don’t stand directly in front of a wall. Take a few steps forward to create a crisper and more interesting visual for the client


  • Don’t be afraid of an interesting background! Whether you’re filming in your home office or in a niche corner of your office, your background not only keeps things interesting for your viewer, but it can also give us an insight into who you are as a person. The average person doesn’t have a filming set-up with a green screen or backdrop, so there’s no need for you to also have one. In our research, the more organic the filming and staging, the better.


  • Don’t be afraid to use your hands when you speak. We suggest engaging with the camera as if you were speaking to a person. If using your hands comes naturally to you, then use them! Some sort of tripod could be helpful here so that you can be hands-free. 


  • Get inspired by content creators on YouTube related to your topic. Or one that you simply find entertaining, and take note of their “online persona”.