Ways of the App

What Does a Daily Card Look Like?

In your 21-day Challenge, you will have 21 cards to customize and fill with different activities.

Here’s an example of a typical Daily Card:


Activity #1 – The Concept or Lesson

This activity hosts a video and a short description on the topic of the day. You are free to add as many short videos as you would like to convey your message.







Activity #2 – The Task

Coaches can encourage their participants to either refer to their journals or to complete an assigned task. (Whoever said that you outgrow homework?)



Activity #3 – The Conversation

It’s always fun to see chatter in the Chat. Coaches have lots of flexibility here: they prompt their participants to share a take-away from the day or activate a “Share with Me” function in which your community can share a thought or idea with you.