The Basics

What Exactly are Challenges?

A Challenge is a step-by-step process that guides your clients to reach their ultimate goal. Our research shows that small and digestible coaching is the way to make big and life-altering change. Whether you’re in fitness, health, finance, or well-being, packaging some of your material in the form of a Challenge presents some exciting opportunities for you, the coach.

Depending on your field, there are a few ways to approach the Challenge module. If, for example, you are more nutrition, fitness, or health inclined, it can be extremely effective to adopt the “do as I say for three weeks and you’ll see results” way of doing things. 

If your coaching style is not compatible with that model, then consider the Challenge approach as a way to offer clients a 21-day sneak-peek into your business. Who knows, you may pique the interest of those interested in some 1-on-1 coaching sessions as a result. 

Or maybe you’re looking for a new revenue model to supplement your existing business. 

No matter how you plan to use or execute your Challenge, the Obii is affordable, customizable, and accessible to coaches and their clients. 

Here are the basics: 

Each day, your clients will be invited to connect to the Obii app and watch a video done by you, the coach. After the lesson, they will be given a task (or two) that works toward their goal.  By the end of your Challenge, not only will your clients be delighted by the end result, but they will have relished in the process.